Porn Destroying Masculinity

The desire for sex is by far the most lucrative, sought after and abused desire of all. The internet is a double-edged sword. On one hand, it has revolutionized our world, allowing man to communicate, gain knowledge, save time, and entertain himself in ways our grandparents could only imagine in

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Firearm Featured Image

Today we talk with former Army Ranger and the owner of Ready Gunner, Neal Currey, about firearms. We’ll cover some of the myths surrounding the sale of firearms, the responsibilities gun owners carry, the fundamentals of shooting, open versus concealed carry, and why men should learn how to shoot. Neal

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For those of you who don’t know, last weekend was our inaugural live retreat called the Uprising. We had 20 men fly in from all over the country to gain the skills, tools, and resources needed to step up fully as men in their lives – and in the lives

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Becoming a Social Leader

Picture this: You and your friends are having a late-night bite to eat when you notice a mentally disabled man eating at another table. There’s another restaurant patron making fun of him, poking him with a chopstick or utensil of sorts, and laughing. This goes on for a few minutes, but

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Presence, Claim, and Penetration

Today, we talk about something we have not yet covered on the Order of Man Podcast: masculine and feminine energy and how men can balance the two. My guest, Satyen Raja, and I discuss using the understanding of energy to attract a spouse, raise your children, and live more fully with

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Adapt and Overcome Featured Image

Today we talk about how to adapt and overcome. And, just like the phrase says you and I, as men, need to anticipate hurdles and learn how to better overcome the adversities we face in life. The more confident I become, the more clear I get, the better I am at

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