Wealth Can't Wait

The word “wealth” has such a stigma associated with it. And, it seems more and more, those who have managed to acquire any amount of it are demonized by the rest of the world. The reality is, as my guest David Osborn says, is that wealth simply magnifies who you

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What if You're Wrong

Let us dive into the topic of today which is the question, what if you’re wrong? I think this is a critical question and, quite honestly, it’s one that doesn’t get asked or even answered a whole lot. Look around for a minute and see if you can recognize very

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If you’re anything like me, you’re a recovering “nice guy”, or maybe you still are a “nice guy.” A lot of men may hear that and wonder what’s wrong with being nice. There’s nothing wrong with being nice until it comes at the expense of your own well-being. My guest

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Consistency Trumps Talent

I want to talk with you about consistency. Consistency in all we do is critical to our success. Consistency trumps talent every time. The reason I wanted to talk with you about this today is because my voice is shot. But, when I started this podcast and, specifically, the Friday

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Brett McKay

Our From the Archive series offers a detailed look at selected previous podcasts in order to give you a fresh take on the episode as well as some actionable notes. Order of Man Podcast #23: Brett McKay.  Originally broadcast in August 2015. The Side Hustle that became a business Brett

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Boosting Testosterone Naturally

I get a lot of requests and a lot of questions about the importance of healthy levels of testosterone in men. Unfortunately, we’re beginning to see studies that show testosterone levels among men are at an all-time low and show no signs of improving anytime soon. My guest today, Nicholas Bayerle,

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