10 Real and Ridiculous Questions About Growing a Beard

I get questions about growing a beard on a daily basis, from how long are you going to grow it to why did you start growing it in the first place.

So, in an attempt to bring some clarity to the mystery that is my beard, I’m going to answer 10 real and ridiculous questions I get on a daily basis.

Questions about Growing a Beard

  • How do I grow a beard like yours?
  • Does it itch?
  • Have you seen the article about poo in beards?
  • What does your wife think about your beard?
  • Do you get food stuck in your beard?
  • Does it hurt your professionalism?
  • Why did you decide to grow your beard?
  • I don’t really like beards (not a question but I get it all the time).
  • Can I touch your beard?
  • How do you keep your beard looking good?

There you go guys, 10 real and ridiculous beard questions I get on a daily basis. Make sure to check out our other YouTube Videos for all your up-to-date information on manliness!

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