122: View From the Top | Aaron Walker

We all know the best view is at the top but, the reality is that it’s often the most difficult to get to. In other words, the view is earned. But, how often have we expected the view without the effort?

My guest today – and his second time on our show – is Aaron Walker, the author of View From the Top. Today we talk about the struggles of life, how to life a significant life, establishing boundaries and creating margin, and how to get that view from the top.

“Is it all about me or could it possibly be about others too?” Tweet That
— Aaron Walker

Aaron Walker

Aaron WalkerGuys, I’m excited to introduce our guest (back for a second time today), Mr. Aaron Walker.

He was on the show in the early days (Episode 35 to be exact) but today he’s here to talk about his new book, View From the Top.

Our previous conversation is one of my most downloaded episodes so when Aaron and his team reached out, I knew I had to have him on the show again.

This guy’s genuineness (which you’ll hear in the interview) and his energy is contagious. He’s overcome some major hurdles in his life – he talks a little about the fatal car accident he was in years ago – and has since gone on to create some incredibly powerful businesses and befriended some powerhouses like Dave Ramsey and Dan Miller (who has been on the show).

Today, he’s here to talk with us about how he did it and so much more.

“I believe in living life proactive, not reactive.” Tweet That
— Aaron Walker

Show Highlights

  • What it means to live a significant life
  • The immeasurable rewards that come from living this way
  • How to establish boundaries
  • How to create margin in your life
  • How to prioritize all that needs to get done
  • How to find balance in your life
  • How to establish and maintain consistency
  • The power of accountability partners
  • How to overcome adversity

“Our families signed up to be taken care of and you need to be good at that.” Tweet That
— Aaron Walker

View From the Top

“We’ve got to prioritize our priorities.” Tweet That
— Aaron Walker

The Iron Council

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“You’re saying ‘no’ to excellence in your life because you’re too lazy to say ‘no’ to things that don’t matter.” Tweet That
— Aaron Walker

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