128: Style as a Tool to Have More and Be More | Ryan Magin

So many men are afraid to even talk about style. In my experience, they believe that it’s just not that important when it comes to being a man or they don’t want to be viewed as anything less than manly.

I get it. I used to be the same way. That was until I understood the power of dressing well and leveling up your presence. Dressing well isn’t about a well-tailored suit, fancy shoes, and overpriced jeans. It’s about being deliberate and intentional about sharing with the world who you really are.

My friend, Ryan Magin joins me today to talk about what role style plays in masculinity, why men are afraid to elevate their style, something he calls “enclothed cognition” and the “halo effect,” and how to use your style to have more and be more.

“Once I saw how people treated me when I dressed better, I realized this was the holy grail.” Tweet That
— Ryan Magin

Ryan Magin

Ryan Magin

Gentlemen, my guest today is my good friend, Ryan Magin.

I met Ryan three years ago as I was launching Order of Man and the StyleCon conference. I’ll admit, I’m not one who is very good when it comes to what I wear and how I look.

But, I’ve learned a ton from Ryan about the way you look has proven to not only increase confidence in yourself but confidence from others too.

Ryan dresses well, he looks good, and his game is on-point (although I will say his style is very different than mine). But, that’s the point he makes today. Is that in order to look and feel good, you have to find a style that works for you.

And, that’s exactly what I’ve seen him do over the last three years for himself as I’ve watched what he’s done for himself, his business, and his clients.

Guys, take notes, listen to this with an open mind, and learn how to use your style as another tool to get what you want.

“I know EXACTLY how to dress to show trust and show that I’m different.” Tweet That
— Ryan Magin

Show Highlights

  • What role style plays in masculinity
  • Why men are afraid to elevate their style
  • Using style as a tool to get what you want
  • The myths and truths of “fake it ’til you make it”
  • The power of “enclothed cognition” and the “halo effect”
  • How to find your own style
  • How to improve your style and stay true to yourself
  • Using social media as your new resume
  • Why manipulation isn’t always bad thing

“I started projecting to the world how I thought the world should see me.” Tweet That
— Ryan Magin

The Iron Council

Guys, just a quick timeout to tell you about our exclusive brotherhood, the Iron Council.

You hear about this every week but, it’s important. I really struggled 9 years ago as I was trying to get me feet under me and understand what it means to be a man.

In many ways, I’m still on the journey to discover what my role and responsibility is a father, husband, business owner, and community leader. And, I think one of the biggest challenges we face is trying to do it all on our own.

This is why the Iron Council is so important. When you join us, you’re joining with 320 other men who are dealing with the same struggles, have overcome some of the same challenges, and have found powerful strategies for overcoming some of life’s biggest hurdles and breaking through previous ceilings.

That said, I invite you to take a look at our brotherhood at www.orderofman.com/ironcouncil, learn what we’re all about, and see if this is a good fit for you. Again, that’s www.orderofman.com/ironcouncil.

“You’re setting yourself up for a disadvantage at life by not caring about how you look.” Tweet That
— Ryan Magin

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“To go above that level of mediocrity we see in society, all it takes is a little ambition.” Tweet That
— Ryan Magin

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