132: Decoding and Deciphering Human Behavior | Chase Hughes

Someone asked me several weeks ago, “If you could have one super power, what would it be?” To which I responded, “The ability to read people’s minds.” As it turns out one doesn’t need to be a superhero in order to possess the ability to understand what other people are thinking and, to a degree, use that knowledge to produce desired outcomes.

My guest today, the founder of Ellipsis Behavior Laboratories and the author of The Ellipses Manuel, joins me to talk about reading body language and thoughts, becoming a human lie detector, how to activate trust in others, and how to decode and decipher human behavior.

“Seeing the way someone hides their suffering is the most revealing information you can get.” Tweet That
— Chase Hughes

Chase Hughes

Chase HughesChase Hughes (@thechasehughes) is a Navy veteran and an author and speaker on behavior analysis, body language and behavior engineering.

He founded Ellipsis Behavior Laboratories in 2011 and has since developed the Behavioral Table of Elements which, after pouring over this, is probably the most extensive behavioral analysis tool I’ve ever seen.

He is also the creator of other life-saving systems such as ‘The Hostile Hospital’ and ‘Tactical Psychology’. And, if that’s not enough, Chase is also in the process of developing new programs for the US Government.

He volunteers his skills by training members of anti-human trafficking teams around the world and has published two books on human behavior and over 29 articles and papers on behavior and behavior analysis.

He is here today to talk about the concepts from his new book, The Ellipsis Manual: Analysis and Engineering of Human Behavior.

“The degree of influence [on another] is going to depend on the person operating the influence.” Tweet That
— Chase Hughes

Show Highlights

  • How to build influence through understanding behavior
  • Understanding the Behavioral Table of Elements
  • How to better read people
  • The process of speed reading body language
  • Becoming a human lie detector
  • How to engineer human behavior and produce outcomes
  • The ethical responsibility of becoming an expert in behavioral analysis
  • Establishing baseline activity in human beings
  • How to activate trust in others
  • Undertanding the difference between confirming and amplifying gestures
  • Tips for building rapport quickly
  • Understanding and using human needs to produce a desired result

“Everbody should make it a point to discover a fact about a stranger every single day.” Tweet That
— Chase Hughes

The Ellipsis Manual

The Iron Council

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“There are three main needs: appreciation, approval, and acceptance.” Tweet That
— Chase Hughes

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“Ask someone a question about their life and you will hear their primary human need.” Tweet That
— Chase Hughes

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