133: The Fighter’s Mindset | Chris Romulo

Every single one of has fallen a time or two in life. And, everyone of us knows a man who has failed to get back up from that fall. It’s not an easy thing to overcome the wounds of failure, but if we want to thrive, it’s a requirement.

My guest today, Champion Muay Thai Fighter Chris Romulo, joins me to talk about finding the fight in us, the difference between ego and confidence, living by the mantra, “Fall seven times, stand up eight,” and how to develop the fighter’s mindset.

“You’re either going to lose and learn or win and keep evolving.” Tweet That
— Chris Romulo

Chris Romulo

Chris RomuloGentlemen, I am stoked to be introducing you to my guest today, Chris Romulo.

You’re going to hear how impressive this man is in my interview today but you’re also going to hear the humility that has turned Chris into a champion multiple times over.

Chris is a 6-time Muay Thai champion, and the author of his new book, Champions Uprising.

He is also a fighting coach and the owner of CROM fitness where he teaches men and boys the how to fight, develop grit and determination, and the fighter’s mindset both inside the ring and out.

“I decided a long time ago that the Romulo name would have meaning.” Tweet That
— Chris Romulo

Show Highlights

  • What is the “Champions Uprising”
  • The fight that changed everything for Chris
  • How to find your rythym and flow in life
  • Why timing is critical
  • The importance of settling into life
  • How to change your mindset
  • How to find the fight in us
  • The difference between complacency and getting comfortable
  • How to overcome the pushback
  • How to develop of fighter’s mindset
  • 7 factors of an uprising
  • The difference between ego and confidence
  • Living by the mantra, “Fall seven times, stand up eight”

“There are no peaks without valleys; there are no wins without losses.” Tweet That
— Chris Romulo


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“I’m blessed by the adversity I faced early on in life.” Tweet That
— Chris Romulo

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“What I’ve learned through ring combat has geared me up for the fight of life.” Tweet That
— Chris Romulo

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