135: Jocko Willink | Discipline Equals Freedom

There is no shortage of motivational events, courses, seminars, quotes, and memes. Don’t get me wrong, motivation has its purpose but discipline is a far greater asset on your path to accomplishing big things in your life. Where motivation falls short, discipline picks up the slack.

Today, I’m joined by a man that needs no introduction, Jocko Willink, to talk about connecting future ambitions with present actions, why every man must find his mission, how to overcome fear and procrastination, and his mantra, “Discipline Equals Freedom.”

“It’s obvious that when people start implementing discipline, their lives get better.” Tweet That
— Jocko Willink

Jocko Willink

Jocko WillinkGentlemen, I am stoked to introduce you to my return guest, Jocko Willink.

I’m sure that you know Jocko but in case you’ve been living under a rock the past 4-5 years or so, let me introduce you to him.

He is a Former Navy SEAL and commander of Task Unit Bruiser (the most decorated special forces unit of the Iraqi War), a recipient of the Bronze and Silver Star, a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Blackbelt, a New York Times Bestselling author of three books, and arguably one of the most disciplined men on this planet.

I, like you, have been following him ever since I ran across his book, Extreme Ownership, in Barnes & Noble and have been fortunate enough to develop a close enough relationship with him and his team that I when I heard he was coming out with a new book, Discipline Equals Freedom: Field Manual, I was able to get a message to him and get him back on the show.

Gentlemen, strap in, get your notepads out, and get ready to tune into one of the most qualified men I know to talk about how discipline will give you the freedom you’re after.

“The more discipline you have in your life the more you will be able to do what you want.” Tweet That
— Jocko Willink

Show Highlights

  • Why discipline equals freedom
  • Key military tactics that translate into civilian life
  • Anticipating the delayed results of discipline
  • The pros and cons of focusing on strengths vs. weaknesses
  • Where Jocko’s discipline comes from
  • How to connect your future ambitions with your present actions
  • The importance of defining your path
  • How to develop mental strength
  • Why every man needs a mission
  • The role of accountability when it comes to being more disciplined
  • How to overcome procrastination
  • Rasing kids to be strong and disciplined
  • How to overcome your fear
  • Where to start: mental preparation or physical action

“The more your discipline becomes habit, the easier it becomes.” Tweet That
— Jocko Willink





The Iron Council

Gentlemen, as we talk about discipline today, I want to make a quick mention of our exclusive brotherhood, The Iron Council.

We talk a lot about accountability in the group and how powerful it can be. But more powerful than that are the tools and resources you’ll be tapping into to develop more discipline in your life.

As much as I’d like you to be a lifelong member, I’d rather you pick up the tools and skills to go out into the world on your own and lead your family, your business, your community, and life.

We’ve developed a Quick Start Guide to get you up and running quickly and have built a program that will walk you through everything you need to create your own 90-day Battle Plan. This plan will help you identify objectives and narrow down the tactics to ensure you complete these objectives.

If you want to learn more and claim your seat in The Iron Council, you can do so at

“I’m not afraid of what I’m doing because I think I’m doing them for the right reasons.” Tweet That
— Jocko Willink

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“If you want to be mentally tougher, be tougher.” Tweet That
— Jocko Willink

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