Underwear for the Manly Man

Let’s talk underwear for a minute. I know, it’s not the manliest thing to talk about but, if there’s one thing we’ve all dealt with, it’s having to adjust, fix, move, shake, and rearrange the very parts that make us men in the first place. You know exactly what I’m

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Pursuing the Warrior Path

We all have a path to travel in this life. Some of us have found it and others are still searching for it. I can tell you that the pursuit of that path is one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I know that my guest today, Rich

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Go For Your Win

Every single one of us is looking for more out of life. If you’re not, you probably need to get that figured out. That said, it’s difficult to see beyond the reality you’ve set for yourself. My guest today, Aubrey Marcus, Founder and CEO of Onnit, joins me to talk

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Being present in the moment is something we talk a ton about here on the show. It seems there’s too many men letting life pass them by because they just aren’t engaged in life. My guest today, Jon Vroman, joins me to talk about how to find your ‘why’, how

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