107: The Art and Science of Giving Gifts | John Ruhlin

Every single one of us has received a gift in our lives that have made us feel like the most important person on this planet. Knowing that, it’s easy to see how giving gifts to others will make the feel. But, how often do we tap into the power of gratitude, appreciation, and gift-giving.

My guest today, Author of Giftology John Ruhlin, joins me to talk about how powerful gift giving can be, how to build credibility and influence through the power of appreciation, some important factors to consider when gift-giving, how to avoid it coming across as manipulation, and the art of science of giving gifts.

“How you show appreciation and gratitude in a relationship determines the tanglible value.” Tweet That
— John Ruhlin

John Ruhlin

John RuhlinMen, I am so stoked to introduce you to my guest and someone who has become a friend of mine over the past several months, John Ruhlin.

In fact, just last week I had the opportunity to spend some time with John last week and I can tell you that this is a man who understands how powerful appreciation and gratitude can be.

A cool experience we recently had is that as I was out of town last week, one of John’s friends, who happened to be hosting the event I was attending, sent my wife a set of glasses with our intial etched on them and a “signing bowl” my whole family can enjoy.

My wife sent me a message and said, “If I’m going to get cool gifts while you’re gone, I’m going to send you away more often.”

So you can see these strategies work.

John is the author of Giftology. He has some world-class clients including the Chicago Cubs, Jacksonville Jaguars, Wells Fargo, Caesar’s Palace and many more.

But, more importantly, John has become a good friend and he’s here to talk about his strategies of giving gifts.

“You can’t teach people to be generous but not show generosity yourself.” Tweet That
— John Ruhlin

Show Highlights

  • Why giving gifts is so important
  • Important factors to consider when giving gifts
  • How to find something truly unique
  • How to avoid giving coming across as manipulation
  • How to flex your gratitude muscle
  • How to use gift-giving to build influence and credibility
  • How to to streamline the process of gift-giving
  • Examples of gifts to give without breaking the bank
  • How to cultivate thoughtfulness

“How can I take a smaller group of people and go all in with them?” Tweet That
— John Ruhlin


“Intention matters.” Tweet That
— John Ruhlin

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“When I think of what a man is, I think of a leader.” Tweet That
— John Ruhlin

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