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Matt Wagner

SFC (R) Matt Wagner is a retired Army Ranger with over 21 years of service. A veteran of multiple deployments that have spanned 17 countries over 5 different continents as well as the operational theaters of the GWOT. Matt has been in turns a combat leader as well as an Observer Controller-Trainer and an Instructor in Combatives, Close Quarters Marksmanship/Combat/Battle and a guest instructor in marksmanship at the US Army War College. Currently he spends much of his free time working with non-profits regarding Tactical and Strategic Veteran Suicide prevention (The Darby Project, RSR and The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention) and is a member of the Tactical Tailor Bataan Death March Pro-Team.

Gun Ownership

So, you want to be the proud owner of a firearm. You want to execute your 2nd Amendment Rights as an American Citizen (if you are not a citizen of the USA, that’s cool. Substitute whatever laws or policies are applicable in your nation). Awesome (I mean that in all

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