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A Maverick entrepreneur, Rodney King created a modern martial arts lifestyle brand, that now has branches in over 15 countries around the world — all from starting with only $20 in his pocket. He coaches entrepreneurs and success minded people all over the world how to master their inner game for business and life success. You can take Rodney’s complimentary online video course at, or to find out more about him personally go to

Samurai Wisdom Before the Battle

The image of the Samurai in the West has interminably been fixed on our collective consciousness in Hollywood movies, for example in the Last Samurai and 47 Ronin. While we, as men, naturally fixate on the warrior’s fighting prowess depicted in these films, what often goes unnoticed is the subtle-ness

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Power of Solitude

I believe in order for men to remain healthy, strong, viable providers for their family and to be positive forces in society, they need to take time out for themselves. The world as we know it now – a society based on antagonisms and competition – has left many men feeling like most

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Manly Meditation

I just don’t see myself sitting on a cushion, in a candle lit room, with wafts of incenses permeating the air — collectively oooommmmming with a group of people I don’t know.  The whole thing just makes me feel uncomfortable. I am a man’s man, I like to chop wood,

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Right-Hooking Perfection

To say that I’ve lived an unconventional life is an understatement. Growing up on the gritty streets of the South Side of Johannesburg, South Africa in government housing (similar to housing projects in the US) taught me early on that how smart you are means nothing and how tough you

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