OoM 008: How to Become a Better Leader with Ryan Hawk

There’s no doubt that you’ve had an experience with a horrible boss, manager, or employer. It seems the good leaders are few and far between.

In this episode, I talk with Ryan Hawk of The Learning Leader Podcast about what it takes to be an effective leader, how you can improve your leadership skills, and why all the great leaders are continually learning.

“My leadership development started on the athletic field playing football, baseball, and basketball growing up.” Tweet That
— Ryan Hawk

Meet Ryan Hawk

Ryan HawkRyan Hawk is the host of The Learning Leader, a show designed to interview world-class leaders. A former college and arena football quarterback, Ryan is passionate about his leadership development journey.

His experience in sales and corporate leadership and his time on the football field has lead him to his passion which is to learn from other great and inspiring leaders and help other do the same.

“I’ve felt it when people tell you you’re great and I’ve also felt it when people tell you were terrible.” Tweet That
— Ryan Hawk

What You’ll Be Learning

  • How to connect your passion with your skill-set
  • How to be an effective leader under pressure
  • How to get back up after you get knocked down
  • How to treat your team based on the ways they’ll respond
  • How to delegate to team members
  • Common characteristics of successful men
  • Why great leaders read
  • What poor leaders struggle with
  • How to get out of your comfort zone

“If the game is going to be won or lost, I prefer to be playing the biggest role in whatever that game is.” Tweet That
— Ryan Hawk

Links Mentioned

Action Steps

  • Write down what you’re passionate about on the left side of a piece of paper, have others write down what they think you’re good at on the right side. Explore the areas that you see on both sides of the paper.
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