116: Building a Personal Brand | Kolby Kay

The term “personal brand” has become such a buzz word these days but, the fact remains, that the ability to accurate reflect who you are to the world has become more important than it ever has.

Whether you’re starting a new business, interviewing for a job, vying for a job promotion, or are in the dating scene, understanding personal branding will go a long way towards helping you get what you want. My guest, Kolby Kay, talks about setting yourself apart, the core elements to be aware of, where to start when it comes to building your platform, and how create a strong personal brand.

“Each one of us has the opportunity to do something bigger than what we’re doing today.” Tweet That
— Kolby Kay

Kolby Kay

Guys, I’m stoked to introduce you to a personal friend of mine, Mr. Kolby Kay.

Kolby is the founder of Healthy Primate among other businesses but, more importantly, the man knows how to market himself in a way that people listen.

So, when Kolby invited me to speak at his event, The Meltdown in the Desert, coming up on June 24th and 25th 2017, I was honored he’d even think of me.

In addition to running multiple businesses, Kolby is an expert when it comes to networking and connecting with the world’s most sought-after social media influencers.

Today he’s here to talk about why you and I should focus on personal branding and how to make it work.

“We were not put on this planet to work 60 hours per week behind a desk for somebody else.” Tweet That
— Kolby Kay

Show Highlights

  • Why a personal brand is important
  • What people are looking at from you
  • How to set yourself apart
  • Core elements of personal branding
  • How to position yourself as a disrupter
  • Using authenticity, transparancy, and “realness” to your advantage
  • How to determine what you should be sharing
  • Where to start building your platform
  • Identifying the right market
  • How to overcome the fear of offending others

“[The goal should be] taking a passion and leaving your dent in the universe.” Tweet That
— Kolby Kay

Resources Mentioned







“If you listen to the naysayers, you’re going to stay exactly where you are.” Tweet That
— Kolby Kay

The Iron Council

Gentlemen, let me pause very quickly to introduce you to a resource you are going to want to know about.

If you’ve been listening for any amount of time, you know about our exclusive brotherhood, The Iron Council but, what you might not know is that each month we change the topic and focus on the things important to you as a man.

This month we’re covering the area of protection. We’re going to be focusing on situational awareness, self-defense, home defense, emergency and disaster preparedness and a whole lot more.

You’re going to get the tools, the guidance, and the direction to improve in each one of these areas and gain access to month’s worth of other content and conversations with 280 other high-achieving men who want to succeed and want to see you succeed.

If you’d like to learn more about what we’re up to and claim your spot, you can do that at www.orderofman.com/ironcouncil.

“Quality content plus consistency equals value.” Tweet That
— Kolby Kay

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“The highest compliment you’ll ever get is someone giving you a dollar for what you do.” Tweet That
— Kolby Kay

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