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Modern Man

I have now asked over 100 men what it means to be a man. And, I’ve received over 100 answers. It seems that defining what it means to be a man is a difficult thing to do. But, regardless of what it might mean to be a man, I think

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Complexity Kills

I did a podcast a while back called, Complacency Kills but, when I say, “complexity kills,” I’m talking about the exact opposite of complacency and/or doing nothing. I’m talking about doing TOO MUCH. And, more specifically the mistake of pitfall of over-planning and over-complicating every element of your life. I

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Wealth Can't Wait

The word “wealth” has such a stigma associated with it. And, it seems more and more, those who have managed to acquire any amount of it are demonized by the rest of the world. The reality is, as my guest David Osborn says, is that wealth simply magnifies who you

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At The Ready

Being “At The Ready” is about being prepared for whatever life may have to throw at you. It’s about taking advantage of opportunities as they present themselves. It’s about creating more opportunities because you are ready for those opportunities in every way, shape, and form. This is not about hoping for things to

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Creating Financial Indpendence

Money has always been a difficult topic. The reality is that this little green piece of paper we call money has a much greater impact than dollars and cents. It permeates every element of our lives including our sense of worth and all the other emotions money manifests. My guest

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Building a Business

Entrepreneurship is such a hot topic right now. In fact, it’s a buzz word that gets tossed around quite carelessly but it’s something every man should, at least, consider. Not only does entrepreneurship provide opportunities for additional income, but there are tons of other benefits as well. Today, Josh Bauerle

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20 Manly Gift Boxes

Whether you’re looking for yourself or the perfect gift idea, we’ve got you covered! This year our gift box guide for men, includes everything from meat (like my personal favority, People’s Choice Beef Jerky), to survival gear, to clothes, to grooming products, to games, grilling, and everywhere in between. Take

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Obsession is Your Ally

Obsession is often a word and thought process that’s frowned upon by society today. My guest today, the one and only Grant Cardone tells us why obsession is absolutely critical to your success. We talk about society as your worst enemy, how to use your addictions to your benefit, the

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It is critical you, as a man, wrap your head around the idea of capitalism. If you don’t, you won’t have the ability to provide as much value as you should – value for yourself, your family, and the world. Transcript – Capitalism and Masculinity Men, what is going on today!

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Gunfighter's Approach to Building Wealth

The Internet is a wonderful thing. It allows us access to so much information and knowledge. It even allows us some access to wisdom – which is radically different than just knowledge. I am a huge consumer of Internet and social media content. It’s part of my job to be as up

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