OoM 034: Jordan Harbinger | The Power of Coaching, Networking and Building Relationships

Jordan Harbinger with the Art of Charm joins me to talk about finding coaches in your life to develop new skills, how to be better at networking, and why building relationships is the most valuable skill set you need to learn.

“I know where my weaknesses are and even if I don’t I get always get coaching for new skills.” Tweet That
— Jordan Harbinger

Meet Jordan Harbinger

Jordan HarbingerJordan Harbinger has always had an affinity for social influence, interpersonal dynamics, and social engineering, helping private companies test the security of their communications systems and working with law enforcement agencies before he was even old enough to drive.

Jordan has spent several years abroad in Europe and the developing world, including South America, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East, and speaks several languages. He has also worked for various governments and NGOs overseas, traveled through war zones, and been kidnapped — twice.  He’ll tell you the only reason he’s still alive and kicking is because of his ability to talk his way into (and out of) just about any type of situation. Here at The Art of Charm, Jordan shares that experience, and the system borne as a result, with students and clients.

“Developing relationships is by far the most valuable skillset that every successful person has.” Tweet That
— Jordan Harbinger

What You’ll Be Learning

  • How to decipher between great information and garbage
  • How to reduce the learning curve when gaining new information
  • How to estimate the value of coaching
  • How to build relationships in every area of your lives
  • How to know when to throw in the towel or keep punching through
  • How to build more confidence in your life
  • How to build more resilience when things don’t work out the way you thought they would
  • How to develop a core set of values for yourself

“Building relationships comes down to learning and honing the skill of emotional intelligence.” Tweet That
— Jordan Harbinger

Connect with Jordan Harbinger

“Most people fail to take action and then stick with that course of action.” Tweet That
— Jordan Harbinger

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