Consistency Trumps Talent

I want to talk with you about consistency. Consistency in all we do is critical to our success. Consistency trumps talent every time.

The reason I wanted to talk with you about this today is because my voice is shot. But, when I started this podcast and, specifically, the Friday Field Notes you’re listening to right now, I committed to delivering each and every Friday. Not every other Friday. Not when I feel good. Not when the sun is shining outside. EVERY SINGLE FRIDAY.

Which means that although I don’t want to be behind this microphone right now, I committed to doing it and my word is my bond.

I see a lot of men out there who I would consider “one-pump chumps.” These are the guys that go in, swing for the fence, and, if they hit a homerun, they’ll stick around. If they strike out, they pull themselves from the game.

It’s easy to be good for a minute. It’s easy to be on your game when the stars are aligned. It’s easy to slay it when you’re in the zone. But that’s not what matters. It doesn’t matter because EVERYONE can do it then.

What matters is how you handle yourself in adversity. What matters is what you do when things aren’t going well. What matters is how you handle yourself when you don’t feel like doing it – whatever it is.

What most guys will do is go balls to the wall on that project once and, because their boss doesn’t happen to recognize them, they quit.

What most guys will do go into the gym for the first time in 10 years and, because they don’t see immediate results, they go back to their coach potato ways.

What most guys will do is start the side project or business then realize nobody’s beating down their door, so they throw in the towel.

Guys, we’re better than that.

This is a matter of expectations. We’ve been led to believe by mass media and the “internet gurus” out there trying to sell you their wares, products, courses, and services that this is going to be easy – that connecting with your wife after years and even decades of neglect is just a matter of telling her you love her a few more times throughout the week, that after a lifetime of exerting no amount of physical energy that you’re going to be able to get up and run a marathon in 30 days, or that the business you want to start is going to blow up if you set up a Facebook Page the right way.

Let’s get real. This is going to take hard work. But we, as men, don’t shy away from hard work. In fact, if anything, we run to it. Not for the sake of it being hard but because we know what real results take and we’re willing to enter the fray. We’re willing to put it all on the line. And, we’re willing to do it for a very, very long time.

You show me a man that’s talented and I show you a man that might have success. You show me a man that’s a work-horse – a man that is fully committed to his marriage, fully committed to making that business work, fully committed to his health, and he’s going to outlast any other man that comes along, and I’ll show you a man that is guaranteed to succeed – eventually.

Men, I want you to know I’m in this thing for the long-haul. I’m in this this ‘til the end. I’ve planted my flag behind the mission of Order of Man. I know exactly what it’s going to take and I’m willing to outlast every other podcaster, blogger, business owner, YouTuber, etc. because I have to.

I’m not the most talented. You aren’t the most talented. Not one of us is the smartest man in the world. Not one of us is the wealthiest, or the most connected. But, one thing we have absolute control over is the desire and ability to see this thing to the end.

And that gentlemen – that level of commitment, that level of consistency, the level of grit and toughness and mental fortitude and resiliency – is what will ensure your success.

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