OoM 010: How to Grow a Beard Like a Boss with Eric Bandholz

It seems like growing a beard has become the ultimate sign of manliness. Whether you have a beard or not, chances are that you respect a man who can grow a killer man-mane.

If you’ve ever tried to grow a beard or have a desire to start, Eric Bandholz with Beardbrand is going to share with us what a beard says about the men who wear them, why beards are becoming more acceptable, and how you can grow a great beard of your own.

“A man strokes his beard on average 720 times a day.” Tweet That
— Eric Bandholz

Meet Eric Bandholz

Eric Bandholz

Eric Bandholz is a man who takes beard maintenance very seriously. And that’s not just because of his own impressive man-mane. As a leading grooming expert, entrepreneur, husband, father, designer and urban beardsman, Eric is also the founder of Beardbrand, a premium grooming company of beard oils, mustache waxes, kits, washes and its sister site, the community magazine Urban Beardsman.

His vision is fostering a community for the bearded lifestyle that gives men the tools to wear a beard in any environment. Since launching an e-commerce site in January of 2013, Beardbrand has grown from zero to over $120k per month built primarily on branding. Eric has appeared on national television show Shark Tank, been viewed nearly 4 million times on YouTube, and featured in Wall Street Journal, NY Times, Details, Business Insider, Fast Company and Forbes.

An entrepreneurial individual with 10 years experience in marketing, sales, and design, Eric has a keen ability to build strong, lasting business relationships that result in fruitful partnerships and to swim against the current, see the world differently, and stand out in the crowd.

“The beard tells an important story for a lot of people and it means a lot of different things.” Tweet That
— Eric Bandholz

What You’ll Be Learning

  • How a financial advisor grows a beard grooming and maintenance business into a multi-million dollar business
  • The expectation society have of men with beards
  • What a beard says about you and what it doesn’t
  • Why beards are not really full of poop like you may have heard: NY Post Article
  • Why the shift towards beards becoming acceptable
  • What beards indicate to others about you as a man
  • Why you have a higher chance of going bald if you’re able to grow a full, thick beard
  • What mistakes men make when they grow a beard
  • Functionality and purpose of beards

“There are always these pressures in society that may or may not accurately reflect the majority of people.” Tweet That
— Eric Bandholz

Links Mentioned

“An Urban Beardsman is in an urban environement, they have professional jobs and they care about their style.” Tweet That
— Eric Bandholz

How a Man Can Grow a Beard

  • Give at least 1-2 months of beard growth before trimming or shaving
  • Use a beard oil to soften up the beard and make it smell good
  • Don’t shave immediately if you’re not liking your beard to give it a chance
  • Go to the barber to have it trimmed and shaped regularly
  • Use a specific beard shampoo and conditioner
  • Purchase a high-quality comb and brush

“The majority of people who wear beards are loving, caring members of the community, society, and their families.” Tweet That
— Eric Bandholz

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