OoM 029: Hunting, Fishing, Wildgame Recipes, and Harvesting Nature with Justin Townsend

The earliest skill sets of man included the ability to hunt game and provide for the tribe. In fact, a man’s ability to survive, protect, and provide for his family and himself is still a primary mark of a man.

This week I have a conversation with Justin Townsend about hunting, fishing, and harvesting nature to do just that.

We’ll talk about using nature as a resource to provide, how to create lasting memories in the outdoors with your family, and everything you need to get started on your own hunting adventures.

“It’s a moment of pride because you know the food you hunted is feeding your family.” Tweet That
— Justin Townsend

Meet Justin Townsend

Justin Townsend

Justin Townsend has been a hunter and angler since he was a child and has always enjoyed the outdoors.

He was raised in Southeastern Oklahoma where hunting and fishing was used as a way to supplement home grown and store bought food.

Justin moved away from home to college where he was able to tune his culinary skills as a professional chef.

As time progressed, Justin combined his passion for the outdoors and his love for food to create the online publication, Harvesting Nature. Currently, Justin serves as the Editor-in Chief of Harvesting Nature and is a Pro Staff member for First Lite.

“Getting out into the wilderness to pursue my food allows me to reset my batteries.” Tweet That
— Justin Townsend

What You’ll Be Learning

  • Harvest nature as a responsible way to consume food
  • How to turn hunting into a family activity
  • How to use hunting as an opportunity for adventure
  • How harvesting your own meat provides a sense of comfort and preparedness
  • How to prepare for a hunt (weapons, gear, mindset, physical fitness)
  • How to prepare for emergencies while hunting
  • Other skills you’ll need to learn above and beyond shooting
  • Considerations for butchering your animal in the field
  • How to prepare your meat and some of the best recipes

“There are a lot of hunts that are memorable because for me, it’s all rooted in family.” Tweet That
— Justin Townsend

Equipment Talked About

Connect with Justin Townsend, Harvesting Nature

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