OoM 013: How to Lead Your Family with Jackie Bledsoe

As a man, you will be called upon as a leader. In fact, it is one of the primary responsibilities of being a man. Most of the time we focus on how we can lead our team or business to success but my guest today, Jackie Bledsoe, makes the strong case for why leadership in your family is one of the most important roles you can take on as a man.

“I felt that I had failed as a family leader. I wasn’t loving my wife the way that she need to be loved and I wasn’t leading my kids the way they needed to be lead.” Tweet That
— Jackie Bledsoe

Meet Jackie Bledsoe

Jackie BledsoeJackie Bledsoe is a professional blogger, author, and speaker but, first and foremost, he is a husband and father, who encourages men to better lead and love their families through his blog, JackieBledsoe.com. He’s the author of the  The 7 Rings of Marriage™, and with his wife, co-hosts The 7 Rings of Marriage Web Show, where they share practical marriage lessons, and interview other couples who have lasting and fulfilling marriages.

He’s also a contributor to All Pro Dad, Disney’s Babble.com, The Good Men Project, and Huffington Post. His work has been featured on Yahoo!, USA Football, MichaelHyatt.com, Black and Married with Kids, Coach Up, and more.

“Sometimes we look so successful on the outside because of our careers but at home it’s not the way that we would like it to be.” Tweet That
— Jackie Bledsoe

What You’ll Be Learning

  • How to work with your spouse to make a successful home
  • How to use failure as a launching point
  • How to make it work if you work with your wife
  • How to create your family’s ‘why’
  • How leadership in your home is different than in the workplace 
  • How to set tangible goals for your family
  • How to apply family leadership lessons outside the home 
  • Why you need other men in your life to keep you on track
  • How to improve your level of communication

“My ‘why’ is to be the best leader for my family and help other men do the same.” Tweet That
— Jackie Bledsoe

Links Mentioned

“Our daughters are going to date men like us. Our sons are going to become men like we are.” Tweet That
— Jackie Bledsoe

The GET Method

  • Give-Lead by example and lead with value. Always give first.
  • Encourage-Be a positive influence in your family’s life. Your children and family need it.
  • Teach-Teach from our experiences. We have certain experiences in our lives that our children and family can learn from.

“You can not lead effectively outside the home if you don’t learn how to lead well in your home.” Tweet That
— Jackie Bledsoe

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  1. June 17, 2015 at 1:06 pm

    Thanks for having me on the show, guys! I appreciate the opportunity to share my story in hopes it’ll help other men.

    • June 19, 2015 at 6:34 am

      Jackie, it was a pleasure having you on the show! I’ve had a lot of good response from men who have found it really useful!