OoM 048: Martial Arts, Mindfulness, and Mastery with Rodney King

You know as well as I that protecting our loved ones is a key component of being a man. That’s what I thought we’d talk about when I started the conversation with my guest, Rodney King.

The conversation quickly went another route as Rodney and I talked about how self-defense and martial arts can you become more mindful and achieve mastery in all areas of your life.

“The reason we want to learn to defend ourselves is because it promises an opportunity to become more as a man.” Tweet That
— Rodney King

Meet Rodney King

Rodney King

Men, I am excited to introduce my guest, Rodney King. This interview is arguably one of the best interviews to date on The Order of Man Podcast.

Rodney King is a leading expert in functional martial arts and performance coaching. In fact, his programs are represented in over 15 countries worldwide and growing.

Rodney has coached thousands of athletes each year from around the world. He has released several awards winning instructional DVD’s where he coaches his unique approach to martial arts training.

And, more recently, you can add author to his list of credentials. He is the author of Full Contact Living, a book designed to use the teaching and lessons from a lifetime of studying martial arts and applying it to all aspects of daily life.

“ALL emotions are designed to help us survive or enable us to move towards the goals we set.” Tweet That
— Rodney King

What You’ll Be Learning

  • How to mentally approach the skill of self-defense
  • How martial arts serves as a modern-day initiatory right for men
  • Why men are so drawn to fighting and violence
  • How martial arts helps you master every area of life
  • How to be mindful while participating in martial arts
  • Why the stories we tell ourselves create most of our problems
  • Why preparation is key to get out of your own way

“All the greatest fighters are not only calm on the mat; they were calm in life.” Tweet That
— Rodney King

Connect with Rodney King

“A warrior always serves an ideal greater than himself.” Tweet That
— Rodney King

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