OoM 003: Masculine Style with Tanner Guzy

Everywhere you look you can see men that look like they’ve got it together. We also notice men that absolutely look horrible. The way you do one thing is the way you do everything and it’s no different with fashion. My guest today is Tanner Guzy with Masculine Style and he’s here to talk about how every man can and should up their fashion game.

Meet Tanner Guzy

Tanner Guzy
Tanner Guzy with Masculine Style

Tanner Guzy started Masculine Style in 2011 and has loved watching it grow since. He believes that every man can improve his life by paying careful attention to his style, and using the ways other people see and treat him to his advantage. Masculine Style focuses less on the “what” and the “how” of men’s clothing and dives deeper into the “why.”Tanner currently lives in Salt Lake with his wife and two children.






“As I started growing up, I realized that my style wasn’t growing up with me.” Tweet That
— Tanner Guzy

What You’ll Learn

  • How “Aesthetic Inertia” can keep you from evolving your style
  • How to slowly and organically grow your style
  • How complacency with your style can hurt your chances for progress
  • How to use your style to project your confidence, status, and ambitions
  • How to find your own style and make it work
  • A fashion expert’s pet peeves
  • The Staples in every man’e wardrobe
“I don’t grow when things are easy and, as a man, it’s my responsibility to grow.” Tweet That
— Tanner Guzy

Archetypes: Rugged, Refined, and Rakish

  • Rugged: Men who are more comfortable outside and manipulating the physical world with their bodies and dressing accordingly (Americana, Cowboy, Lumberjack).
  • Refined: A man defined by his financial and social savvy and has an influence over people and culture (Businessmen, Politicians).
  • Rakish: A man whose’s power comes from coloring outside the lines and throwing the middle finger to whatever everyone else says.


Tanner Guzy Style Profile
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Tanner has been generous enough to offer two FREE Style Profiles. In order to qualify for the drawing you’ll need to leave a review for the Order of Man Podcast and Masculine Style Podcast

Once you’ve done that send me a screenshot of the reviews and you’re entered in to the drawing on 04/17/2015. It’s that easy!

Style Profile-A Style Profile will provide you with the information to help you dress your best according to your build, skin tone, hair color, face shape, and other variables. These core principles can be applied to any style situation you find yourself in–be it a day at the beach, or that big presentation in front of shareholders. Learning these basic, fundamental concepts of your body’s unique needs will save you the wasted time, effort, and results of learning what looks good on you and what doesn’t via trial and error. You will also receive a year’s worth of style tips sent directly to your inbox. From maintaining the clothing you buy, to knowing what color is appropriate in which environment, these tips are a great supplement to the Style Profile and will take all of the guess work (and homework) out of dressing better.

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