101: Get Your Mind Right | Tom Bilyeu

It all starts with the mind. We’ve all heard the adage – it’s nothing new. But, the question remains, how do we do it. Most of us have constructed mental walls, barriers, and frames of reference that keep us thinking and behaving the way we always have.

Today my guest, Tom Bilyeu co-founder or Quest Nutrition and founder of Impact Theory, shares with why it’s so difficult to change your mindset, how and why we should learn to cultivate our identity, how to crystalize our goals, and how to get our mindset primed for success.

“The mind and the body exist in a feedback loop.” Tweet That
— Tom Bilyeu

Tom Bilyeu

Tom Bilyeu

My guest today is a man who probably doesn’t need a lot of introduction with most of you but I’m going to anyways because I think it’s important you know a little bit about the position of experience and success he comes from.

His name is Tom Bilyeu and for those who may not know it, he co-founded Quest Nutrition which was, at one point, one of the fastest growing companies in the world.

Since then he’s gone on to start multiple other business, one of which is Impact Theory which is how I stumbled across his work.

He’s interviewed some incredible guests: Jason Silva, Tim Ferris, Shaun White, and Michael Strahan, among others.

But, what really intrigued me about Tom’s work is his fascination with the mind and how getting the mind and body to work together is the key to success.

We’ve talked a lot about mindset on the show but Tom is here to crystalize it a bit further for us and help us take the first steps towards getting this mindset piece right.

“Food has a tremendous impact on your mental clarity.” Tweet That
— Tom Bilyeu

Show Highlights

  • What is “Impact Theory”
  • How to cut free from “The Matrix”
  • What comes first, mindset or action
  • Why it’s so difficult to get your mindset right
  • Why you need to intentionally cultivate your identity
  • How to ask yourself powerful questions
  • How to crystalize your goals
  • What it means to “thinkitate”

“Your makeup isn’t designed to push and propel you when there is no goal.” Tweet That
— Tom Bilyeu

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“People have to turn inward and DECIDE who they want to become.” Tweet That
— Tom Bilyeu

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“Human potential is nearly limitless.” Tweet That
— Tom Bilyeu

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