OoM 066: with Overcoming Alcohol Addiction with James Swanwick

Strength, energy, drive, motivation, relationships, health – these are all things we, as men, want in more and deeper quantities. It’s difficult enough to improve in each of these areas. Adding alcohol addiction to the equation certainly doesn’t help.

My guest today, James Swanwick talks with us about breaking habits, changing your environment, choosing the people you surround yourself with, and how to kick alcohol for good.

“Since I’ve quit drinking the romantic relationships I’ve had have increased dramatically.” Tweet That
— James Swanwick

James Swanwick

James SwanwickMen, I’m excited to be introducing you to our guest today because him and I have a conversation we have not yet had on this podcast.

James Swanwick is a New York-based ESPN anchor on SportsCenter, author of ‘Insider Journalism Secrets’ and co-founder of international agency, Crocmedia.

He’s been a print or TV journalist for 20 years, writing for newspapers and magazines in the US, UK and Australia including Associated Press, Sky Sports, ESPN, WPLJ radio, Sydney Morning Herald, Sydney Daily Telegraph, The Sun, Sky Movie Channel, Q104FM, Loaded magazine, The Courier-Mail and many more.

He now teaches aspiring journalists and graduates how to get a job in the fast-paced journalism industry through his course “How To Become A Journalist”.

But, today he’s here to talk about a specific challenge he’s learned to overcome in is own life – the ability to quit drinking alcohol and how you can join him on this journey.

“A man who’s in control and knows what he wants; women find that very attractive.” Tweet That
— James Swanwick

Show Highlights

  • How to stop drinking alcohol cold-turkey
  • How to change your habits – positive and negative
  • The challenges of quitting alcohol
  • Alternatives to drinking for social occasions
  • How to find a new group of peers who will support you
  • The first step towards eliminating alcohol

“To relieve your stress, what you’re actually doing when you drink is reaching for poison.” Tweet That
— James Swanwick


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“Move to a group of peers who support you in your endeavors.” Tweet That
— James Swanwick

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