Consistency Trumps Talent

I want to talk with you about consistency. Consistency in all we do is critical to our success. Consistency trumps talent every time. The reason I wanted to talk with you about this today is because my voice is shot. But, when I started this podcast and, specifically, the Friday

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Brett McKay

Our From the Archive series offers a detailed look at selected previous podcasts in order to give you a fresh take on the episode as well as some actionable notes. Order of Man Podcast #23: Brett McKay.  Originally broadcast in August 2015. The Side Hustle that became a business Brett

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Boosting Testosterone Naturally

I get a lot of requests and a lot of questions about the importance of healthy levels of testosterone in men. Unfortunately, we’re beginning to see studies that show testosterone levels among men are at an all-time low and show no signs of improving anytime soon. My guest today, Nicholas Bayerle,

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At The Ready

Being “At The Ready” is about being prepared for whatever life may have to throw at you. It’s about taking advantage of opportunities as they present themselves. It’s about creating more opportunities because you are ready for those opportunities in every way, shape, and form. This is not about hoping for things to

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Have you ever met someone who just seemed to always have things go their way? They got the girl, landed the job, and everything just seemed to work out for them. Their success probably had you constantly thinking…how did they do it? While it may seem like they were “one

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Giving Gifts

Every single one of us has received a gift in our lives that have made us feel like the most important person on this planet. Knowing that, it’s easy to see how giving gifts to others will make the feel. But, how often do we tap into the power of

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