Resist Average

Boring, average, complacent, mediocre. These are all terms we’d like to think don’t describe us but the reality is, most of us live our entire lives this way. We don’t ever break out of the ordinary and, even if we wanted to, it’s difficult to know how to do it.

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Today, I talk with the founder of Secret Entourage, Pejman Ghadimi, about building self-awareness in your life. Now, this is easier said than done but the benefits to becoming more aware in your life far outweigh the effort it takes to building it. PJ and I discuss manipulating your environments,

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Practice Yoga

Yoga – it’s not typically a word we associate with masculinity. That’s about to change! My guest shares with us the stigma around men and yoga, how it will make you stronger, and why every man should consider implementing yoga into his fitness regiment. Dean Pohlman Men, I’m excited to

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Grow a Beard with Gravitas

I’ll say it right off the top: the beard does not maketh the man. With the recent rise in popularity, beards have taken root in every corner of society. Many men are responsible keepers of their beard, but there remains a group of men who think that it is their

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Work You Love

Finding your passion. It’s a buzz word we hear all the time. But, it’s also something I know is on a lot of your minds. You want to find the work you love. In fact, I’m surprised at how many men feel trapped with the work their currently doing. I

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Most of you have watched MMA fights. From the casual observer, it simply looks like two guys beating each other mercilessly. And, while violence is certainly an element to the fighting these guys participate in, there are so many lessons that can be extracted from fighting in the cage. My

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