Let’s talk about Thanksgiving. I don’t’ want to talk with you about the history or what you ate yesterday – you can do that on your own. I want to talk with you about the idea and concept of gratitude and why it’s so critical that men express gratitude every

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20 Manly Gift Boxes

Whether you’re looking for yourself or the perfect gift idea, we’ve got you covered! This year our gift box guide for men, includes everything from meat (like my personal favority, People’s Choice Beef Jerky), to survival gear, to clothes, to grooming products, to games, grilling, and everywhere in between. Take

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Men's Guide to Gifts for Women

Face it fellas, shopping for women isn’t easy. You know it and we know it. I’ve learned over the years it’s easier on everyone if I give my husband a list of exactly what I want. So, in order to make your Christmas gift giving easier than ever before, here’s

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Work/Life Balance, it’s a term that gets tossed around a lot but is it even possible to achieve? With all that we have going on as men, it seems impossible to manage at times. My guest today, Larry Hagner, with the Good Dad Project, shares with me about how to

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You guys know as well as I do that the most successful men in the world have the same amount of time in any given day but, the one thing they do better than others, is spend that time in the best possible way. They don’t squander it on meaningless

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Rise of the Sufferfests

No doubt by now you’ve either heard of obstacle course racing or have participated in one. Whether you take pleasure in submitting yourself to pain and discomfort or not, I can tell you that these types of races have helped me push beyond my perceived limitations. Today writer and director,

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