Finding Your Core Wesley Chapman

A real man is a strong man, one who walks with confidence and power. The only way to gain that confidence and control in your life is to find out your core or who you truly are and what you truly want. My guest today, Mr. Wesley Chapman is here

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Baseball Throw

Whether it’s a paper route, playing catch with your kids, or enjoying a game with the guys, throwing a baseball should be a basic component in every man’s repertoire of manly skills. In fact, there’s noting quite so pathetic as watching a grown man toss the baseball he never learned how to

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Masculine Style Featured Image

Everywhere you look you can see men that look like they’ve got it together. We also notice men that absolutely look horrible. The way you do one thing is the way you do everything and it’s no different with fashion. My guest today is Tanner Guzy with Masculine Style and he’s

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Money Mindset

Why do some men seem to effortlessly build wealth while others struggle to make ends meet? I would suggest that a large part has to do with our mental programming around building and accumulating money. My guest, Austin Netzley, would agree. He is here to share the ins and outs

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Ryan Michler Order of Man

Hello Men! My name is Ryan Michler and I’m so excited to be coming to you today with the very first post for Order of Man. It’s been a long time in the works! Today, I thought that I’d take some time today to tell you a little bit about

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