OoM 009: How to Make the Relationship with Your Woman Work, Luis Congdon

If you’re anything like me, you could use some help in the relationship-with-your-spouse department. I try to be a good husband and companion but it’s easy for me to fall short in this area. When things are great with my wife, things are great in other areas but when I’m struggling in my relationship with her, it spills over and affects other areas of my life. That’s why this episode is so, so powerful.

In this episode, I talk with Luis Congdon of Lasting Love Connection about what it takes to build a lasting love connection with your spouse or significant other.

“I committed myself to learning and trying to understand what makes a relationship successful.” Tweet That
— Luis Congdon

Meet Luis Congdon

Luis Congdon

I’m so excited to have Luis on the Order of Man podcast today. Not only does Luis Congdon have his own top-rated podcast, he shares some extremely valuable insights into what it takes to create a lasting relationship.

If you are in a relationship, this is definitely an episode you’ll want to tune in to. Luis helps me in my relationship with my spouse just as much as he’ll be able to give you some valuable insights and strategies.

Luis Congdon is a Relationship Coach. He has worked with hundreds of couples. For a period of 2.5 yeas Luis Congdon worked for one the nation’s largest research projects looking at Marital Success.

He also runs a top rated podcast titled, LastingLoveConnection to help couples find and have the love they want. His other work and services can be found at Lasting Love Connection.

“Just like anything in our lives, if we learn the proper steps, we can be excellent at relationships and marriage.” Tweet That
— Luis Congdon

What You’ll Be Learning

  • Why some relationships aren’t meant to last
  • Why love is not enough to have a successful relationship
  • How to make a relationship work when things are tough
  • How one person can turn a relationship around
  • How you can keep excitement in your relationship
  • How to schedule spontaneity
  • How to create relationship goals
  • How to create a “lovemap” of your partner

“When things are rough, it doesn’t mean that you give up!” Tweet That
— Luis Congdon

Strategies for Lasting Relationships

  • Weekly Date Night
  • The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman
  • Update the information of your partner’s world (what is going on in your partner’s life at any given point?)
  • Dr. John Gottman and Love Mapping

Action Steps

“Think about the top ways your partner likes to be loved and then try to give that type of love.” Tweet That
— Luis Congdon

Connect with Luis Congdon

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