104: Building Your Social Capital | Jordan Harbinger

Like it or not, your ability to connect with and relate to other people is such a critical component to your overall success in life. Dealing with your own life is hard enough as it is so adding another human being into the dimension makes it infinitely more challenging.

Today my guest, Jordan Harbinger with the Art of Charm, joins me for the second time to talk about adding maximum value to your relationships, establishing boundaries to keep the relationship healthy, the power that comes from diversifying your connections, and how to build more social capital.

“If you believe in your own B.S., you’re in so much trouble.” Tweet That
— Jordan Harbinger

Jordan Harbinger

Jordan Harbinger

Jordan Harbinger is a man a lot of you already know. He is back to visit with us for a second time due to popular demand.

I’ve managed to build a good relationship with Jordan over the past two years and, when we connected a couple weeks ago, I jumped at the opportunity to have him back on.

He is the host of the top-ranked podcast, The Art of Charm, which again, a lot of you are familiar with and he’s someone I really respect when it comes to his craft and he’s been extremely influential both directly and indirectly in helping me deliver the message of Order of Man to you.

I will tell you this one starts off a little unique because, as Jordan and I were having a conversation prior to “officially” starting the interview, I just hit record since what he was talking about provides a really good example of how not to build relationships.

In a way, you’ll get to listen in on our conversation as friends. Enjoy it guys!

“Seek to deliver so much value that the relationship becomes a no-brainer.” Tweet That
— Jordan Harbinger

Show Highlights

  • How to build more social capital in your life
  • How to avoid “covert contracts”
  • How to create “win-win” situations with other people
  • Why keeping score will destroy your relationships
  • How to add maximum value to the table
  • Where to draw the line in your relationships
  • Establishing boundaries
  • The power of diversifying your connections
  • How to build more “referral currency”

“Seek to give more than you receive and other people will clamor to do business with you.” Tweet That
— Jordan Harbinger

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“The longer the relationships you have, the more they will yield fruit.” Tweet That
— Jordan Harbinger

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