113: Ted Nugent | Freedom, Liberty, and Rugged Individualism

“I am a man. I protect my family. I provide for my family. I sustain my family. I’ve done it for 68 years.” Tweet That
— Ted Nugent

There is no doubt in my mind that, more and more, individualism and personal liberty, are frowned upon. It’s as if somehow individuality is a threat to the system as a whole. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

The truth is that men who express their own individuality and personal liberty and responsibility are the men responsible for building their families, innovating new ideas in technology, medicine, and every area of life, and stepping up in their neighborhoods and communities.

Today, I have the honor of sharing with you my conversation with the one and only Ted Nugent. We talk about the dangers of political correctness, how to improve your life and happiness through discipline, the deterioration of excellence, and the importance of freedom, liberty, and rugged individualism.

“I have to take care of myself so I am in the best shape to take care of my neighbors and families.” Tweet That
— Ted Nugent

Ted Nugent

Ted NugentGuys, I am so excited to introduce to you a man that needs no introduction, The Detroit Madman, Uncle Ted, The Motor City Madman, The Nuge, Mr. Ted Nugent.

He has been rocking for more than 50 years and, based on this interview, you’ll hear he has no plans of settling down anytime soon.

In addition to that, he has become a huge advocate for personal liberty and individual responsibility.

He currently sits on the Board of Directors for the NRA and he is gearing up for his Rockin’ America Again Tour later this year.

But, today he’s here to talk about a topic he is all-too-familiar with; freedom, liberty, and rugged individualism.

“It’s really simple – you’re either in the asset column or the liability column.” Tweet That
— Ted Nugent

Show Highlights

  • The importance of independence and individuality
  • The dangers of political correctness
  • How to be more capable of taking care of family and neighbors
  • How Ted has avoided drugs and alcohol his entire life
  • How to improve your level of discipline
  • Where the deterioration of excellence started
  • How to become more of an “asset” rather than a liability
  • The attack on the 2nd Ammendment
  • The importance of constitutional integrity
  • Why every man should learn how to be a bow hunter
  • The truth about hunting, hunters, and conservation efforts

“Clean and sober is the only way you can be an asset to yourself, your family, and your fellow man.” Tweet That
— Ted Nugent

Resources Mentioned

Popular Quotes

“I saw the deterioration of the absolute demand of excellence.” Tweet That
— Ted Nugent

“You’ve got to kick ass or you’re going to get your ass kicked.” Tweet That
— Ted Nugent

“If you’re not pissing off the idiots, you’re an idiot.” Tweet That
— Ted Nugent

“I am convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt, I am exactly what the founding fathers wanted.” Tweet That
— Ted Nugent

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“Discipline is the foundation for happiness.” Tweet That
— Ted Nugent

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“It has served me well to pay attention.” Tweet That
— Ted Nugent

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