115: Keeping the Fire Alive | Sarah Jones

Let’s face it, relationships tend to lose their luster after a while. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean that has to be the case. In fact, most relationships and marriages can keep the spark alive for a lifetime, as my guest today points out.

Sarah Jones is back by popular demand to teach us how to re-kindle that spark, keep things fresh, add variety into the relationship, how to encourage your partner to try new things, and how to keep the fire alive.

“It can be intimidating to realize you are not the totality of what your wife wants and needs.” Tweet That
— Sarah Jones

Sarah Jones

Sarah JonesGentlemen, I have another repeat guest on the show today and the only woman who has ever been on the Order of Man podcast to date.

Her name is Sarah Jones and she is the founder of Introverted Alpha.

I had so much positive response when she joined us last time which was about a year ago (you can find that show at www.orderofman.com/059) and quite a few request to get her back on the show.

So, when she reached out to me with some ideas to share with you, I knew it was a no-brainer to have her back on to talk about men and women, how the interact, why things get stagnant in relationships, and how to keep that from happening.

I hope you enjoy – I know you will.

“It’s way too much pressure to be the sum total of everything to somebody else.” Tweet That
— Sarah Jones

Show Highlights

  • Getting your relationship off on the right start
  • Keeping your relationship from going stagnant
  • How to make things work when you’re busy
  • Striking balance between adventure and stability
  • Adding variety to your relationship
  • How to encourage your spouse to try new things
  • Interesting ideas for keeping the spark alive
  • Overcoming societal norms and standards
  • How to have difficult conversations
  • Deal breakers to be aware of

“Your partner is never going to be the same as you or have all the same interests.” Tweet That
— Sarh Jones

Resources Mentioned

The Iron Council

Money – it is a sensitive subject. I know this is one area a lot of men listening to this podcast could really use some help in.

I know it’s not the most important thing but it ranks right up at the top. And it just so happens that money is the very thing that we’re talking about in our exclusive mastermind, The Iron Council.

When you join us, you are joining 280 other men who are motivated, ambitious, and dedicated to accomplishing their goals. You’re also going to join in the conversation about how to build wealth in your life and gain access to the tools and insights you need to take charge of your financial situation.

Again, money is not the most important thing but, I’ve had money in my life and I’ve been without, and, I can tell you that understanding how money works and having more of it in my life has always been better.

If you want to learn more and reserve your seat at the table, you can do so at www.orderofman.com/ironcouncil.

“When someone asks us good questions, it’s such a valuable gift.” Tweet That
— Sarah Jones

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