111: Upgrading Your Career | Kevin Kermes

Study after study has shown that most men are dissatisfied with their career in some form or another. And, yet finding new and more meaningful work seems to be more difficult than ever.

My guest today, Kevin Kermes, talks with us about why that is, how you can make your current position more meaningful, make more money, stand out in a crowded marketplace, and how you can upgrade your career to one you love.

“People are looking for the wrong thing when they’re after work that fulfills them.” Tweet That
— Kevin Kermes

Kevin Kermes

Men, I am looking forward to introducing you to my guest today, Kevin Kermes.

He is the founder of Career Attraction and, after watching his videos and digging through his blog, I can tell you that this is the perfect man to talk with you about why your career is not as rewarding as you’d like and how you can make it so.

Kevin with his partner have more than 30 years coaching clients – including placing executives in fortune 100 companies – and helping corporations find great employees. In fact, they have helped more than 14,000 people stand out in what you and I know to be a crowded market place, make more money, and get the fulfillment they deserve.

“There is no way you can sustain it when you don’t like what you do [for work]” Tweet That
— Kevin Kermes

Show Highlights

  • Why most men are unhappy with their career
  • How to make more money
  • How to stand out in a crowded marketplace
  • The pros and cons of working towards finding your passion
  • How to find what you’re most interested in
  • Improving others’ perceptions about you
  • How to make your current work more meaningful
  • How to communicate more effectively
  • Key tips, tricks, and tactics for a solid interview
  • Improving your assertiveness
  • How to avoid the “sunk cost falacy”
  • How to get past gatekeepers

“Focus on what you do really well and the outcomes that you produce for other people.” Tweet That
— Kevin Kermes

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“The things you do really well are the things that are going to get you paid exponentially more.” Tweet That
— Kevin Kermes

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“Information is the most powerful collateral you can have.” Tweet That
— Kevin Kermes

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