119: Back From the Darkness | Navy SEAL Joost Janssen

There is no doubt that all of us have been through some difficult challenges in our lives – some more than others. Whether it’s the loss of a loved one, disease or illness, bankruptcy, or divorce, your ability to adapt and overcome spells the difference between those who crumble and those who thrive.

My guest today, Navy SEAL Joost Janssen, talks with us about enduring – and even enjoying pain – the power of deciding early, how to harness tragedy and the negativity of others, how to thrive through hardship, and how to come back from the darkness.

“If you don’t enjoy the journey you’ll never finish it.” Tweet That
— Joost Janssen

Joost Janssen

Joost JanssenMen, I am stoked to introduce you to my guest today, Navy SEAL Joost Janssen.

I was introduced by a mutual friend and Joost and I immediately hit it off as he shared some of his personal stories of tragedy, loss, and hardship. It’s the hardships that seem to bond men more closely than anything else.

Joost is well known for his work as a military advisor in the movie 13 hours, Transformers, and Iron Man but, more importantly, he’s learned his lessons on the battlefield as a member of the Navy SEALs and special operations with several goverment agencies.

Today, he’s here to talk with us about turning tragedy into fuel and coming back from the darkness.

“There’s so much good that happens in the midst of misery.” Tweet That
— Joost Janssen

Show Highlights

  • Learning to endure and enjoy pain
  • The power of deciding early
  • How to keep from lying to yourself
  • How to harness tragedy in your life
  • Key characteristics more important than talent
  • How to use naysayers and “haters” as fuel
  • The power of proximity
  • How to internally inspire yourself
  • Learning and applying lessons quickly

“Everybody wants to be a millionaire but very few people are willing to do what it takes.” Tweet That
— Joost Janssen

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“Once your decision is made, you lose the option to waiver.” Tweet That
— Joost Janssen

Connect with Joost Janssen

“Every time you make a decision to quit, it should hurt a little bit.” Tweet That
— Joost Janssen

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