OoM 062: Deadly Skills Every Man Should Know with Clint Emerson

One of our primary responsibilities as men is to protect those we care about. Whether it’s your family, your co-workers, or the citizens of your community, you may face a situation in which you will be called upon to keep people alive. Will you be ready.

My guest today, retired Navy SEAL, Clint Emerson teaches us how to handle emergency threats, what it means to be a violent nomad, and how we can become proficient at the deadly skills we may be forced to use.

“If you understand your opponent’s offense, you can fortify a great defense.” Tweet That
— Clint Emerson

Clint Emerson

Clint EmersonClint Emerson is a retired Navy SEAL and spent twenty years conducting special ops all over the world while attached to several SEAL Teams – including the elite, SEAL Team SIX as well as the National Security Agency (NSA).

Utilizing an array of practical skills he developed to protect himself while at home and abroad, he created Violent Nomad—a personal, non-kinetic capture/kill program cataloguing the skills necessary to defend against any predator or crisis.

On top of that, Clint owns and operates Escape the Wolf where he words with organizations to mitigate threats, decrease exposure to crisis, and increase survivability in crisis situations.

Clint is now a best-selling author of the book, 100 Deadly Skills and his soon to be released second book, 100 Deadly Skills, Survivor Edition.

“In crisis, there is only two things you can control: preparation and response.” Tweet That
— Clint Emerson

Show Highlights

  • The first step in handling any emergency, threat, or crisis
  • How to prepare yourself before an actual crisis
  • What it means to be a VIOLENT NOMAD
  • The two things you can CONTROL in any threat
  • The line between vigilance and being a vigilante
  • Skills you can practice in the comfort of your home
  • How to recognize and deal with psychological warfare
  • The difference between the sheep, the sheepdog, and the wolf
  • Different types of threats we need to be aware of

“Your job is to carry the hammer and drop it when necessary.” Tweet That
— Clint Emerson

Link and Resources Mentioned

Iron Council – Order of Man Elite Mastermind


“There is a difference between vigilance and being a vigilante.” Tweet That
— Clint Emerson

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“Defense should last about 1 second, then you should be on offense the rest of the time.” Tweet That
— Clint Emerson

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